Ryan J. Marcotte

I am an NSF Fellow and a PhD Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. I am a part of Edwin Olson's APRIL Robotics Laboratory. I have previously worked with the Advanced Polymer Research Lab and the SeRViCE Lab, both at UT Dallas. In my academic career, I have researched flexible bioelectronics, control systems, and robotic networking. Currently, my work focuses on adaptive communication and coordination for multi-robot systems.


University of Michigan

Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Science and Engineering
Thesis: "Adaptive Communication for Mobile Multi-Robot Systems"

Anticipated May 2019

University of Michigan

Master of Science

Computer Science and Engineering

December 2016

University of Texas at Dallas

Bachelor of Science

Electrical Engineering

Summa Cum Laude

May 2015


Graduate Research Assistant

April Robotics Lab, University of Michigan
  • Researched multi-agent planning and coordination under uncertainty
  • Created adaptive network protocols for multi-robot systems
  • Investigated large-scale SLAM methods and low-cost sensing for swarm robotic systems
  • Developed software for multiple robotic platforms, including autonomous low-speed electic vehicle
June 2015 - Present

Undergraduate Research Assistant

April Robotics Lab, University of Michigan
June 2014 - August 2014

Undergraduate Research Assistant

SeRViCE Lab , University of Texas at Dallas
August 2013 - May 2014

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Advanced Polymer Research Lab, University of Texas at Dallas
August 2011 - August 2013


UM Computer Science and Engineering Departmental Fellowship

February 2015

UT Dallas Nomination for Goldwater Scholarship

January 2013


Multi-functional sensing for swarm robots using time sequence classification

M. Nemitz, R.J. Marcotte, M. Sayed, G. Ferrer, E. Olson, and A. Stokes

Frontiers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, 2018

AprilSAM: Real-Time Smoothing and Mapping

X. Wang, R.J. Marcotte, G. Ferrer, E. Olson

ICRA 2018

AprilFEC: Real-time channel estimation and adaptive forward error correction

R.J. Marcotte, X. Wang, E. Olson

RSS Workshop: Robot Communication in the Wild 2017

Adaptive forward error correction with adjustable-latency QoS for robotic networks

R.J. Marcotte, E. Olson

ICRA 2016

A comparison of polymer substrates for photolithographic processing of flexible bioelectronics

D. Simon, T. Ware, R.J. Marcotte, B. Lund, D. Smith Jr, M. Di Prima, R. Rennaker, and W. Voit

Biomedical Microdevices 2013